Year 2023

Game Logic Updates
Game UI Enhancements
Website Improvements
Playermon NFT Rental
Concept of Planet Gameplay
Planet Staking
Planet NFT Sale
PYM Staking
Tower of Creator Alpha Launching
Website Revamp

Q2 2023

Game - Rewardable Tasks for Claiming Free Playermons
Game - Anchorland Map Expansion
Game - Energy Point Purchase Using SGEM Tokens
Game - Energy Point System
Website - Setting Up Email Address for User Account
Website - Add Playermon Stats And Skills On Playermon Detail Page

Q1 2023

Game - Complete All Skill Cards' Functions
Game - Complete All Passive Skills’ Functions
Game - Update Enemies’ Skill Cards
Game - Update In-app Inventory UI
Website - Better Sync of Playermon
Website - Addition of Space Box
Website - Unwrapping of Space Box
Website - Optimise the loading of Radix marketplace
Website - In-Game Item Page

Q4 2022

Game - SpaceDen Hall of Fame
Game - In-app Inventory System
Game - Graphic Enhancements
Game - Better User Experience
Game - SpaceDen Decoration
New Decorative Item for Spaceden
Website - New Inventory UI
Website Improvement
PYM Staking

Q3 2022

Game - Animation Improvements
Game - Movement Mechanism Added
Game - Graphic Enhancements
Game - Better User Experience
Game - Reward distribution for Anchorland Alpha Leaderboard
Game - SpaceDen Followers Display
Website - Multiple Page Redesign
Website - Playermon Wiki Added
Website - Anchorland Enemy Wiki Added
Website - Landing Page Redesign
Website - Staking Redesign
Website - QR Code with Extended Validity ( 30 Days )

Q2 2022

DAO Voting Platform
Anchorland Alpha Map Extension
Marketplace Rarity Filtering
Marketplace using PYM Token
Higher Definition NFT Image

Q1 2022

SGEM Token Claiming begins
Stake to Earn Breeding Pod Shards
Breeding Pod NFT Crafting
Anchorland Alpha Launching
Listing PYM on Gate Exchange
Listing of Playermon NFT on OpenSea, Lootex, TofuNFT

Q4 2021

Token Generation Event (TGE)
Playermon NFT Egg Sale - 7.2 million PYM burned
Marketplace Launching
Hatching Day
SpaceDen Launching
Listing PYM on Quickswap DEX
Listing PYM on MEXC Exchange
Listing on CoinGecko

Q3 2021

PYM Token Smart Contract
PYM Token Presale
Listing on CoinMarketCap

Q2 2021

Concept, Ideas
Game Play Design
Team Formation