Author by Leong Kee Lim

5 March 2023 - 10:00 pm

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Great news,masters! Playermon game has some cool updates to upgrade your gaming experience‼️

Here are the changes we have made and features we have added for version 2.7.0

  • All skill cards and passive skills are now available in the PVE game!
  • New skill cards and passive skills added include the following abilities:
    • To add action points
    • To reduce action points
    • To draw skill cards from the deck
    • To discard skill cards from the hand
    • To deal an amount of damage to an enemy at a different position or all enemies
    • To attack an enemy at a different position or all enemies
    • To attack multiple times using one skill card
  • The skill card rearrangement feature has been added in PVE battles for players to automatically rearrange the skill cards in their hand from the least action point cost to the most action point cost and put the same skill cards together.
  • The "Playermons" category has been added to the in-game inventory panel for players to view the Playermons in their inventory.
  • Selected animations of Playermons and enemies have been updated.
  • A rare bug where an enemy with zero health did not die immediately but still could attack has been fixed.
  • A rare bug where the result did not show when all the enemies died in a PVE battle has been fixed.