Author by Leong Kee Lim

1 February 2023 - 5:00 pm

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  • The skill cards and passive skills that can add or reduce points from one or more of the attributes listed below in PVE battles are now available! Playermons and enemy characters can now use the abilities from those skill cards played and passive skills to apply the effects to themselves, their teammates or their enemies.
    • Current health
    • Maximum health
    • Shield
    • Intelligence
    • Agility
    • Luck
  • Some skill cards and passive skills enable Playermons or enemy characters to apply effects to one or multiple targets in various situations, with or without conditions. Read each skill card's description to learn more about how to use them in PVE battles!
  • The pop-up character detail panel was updated to show more information about the Playermon or enemy character that you click or tap on in the Main Menu, SpaceDen and PVE battle.
  • After a new team is created on the “My Teams” page, it will automatically show the page that contains the new team in the team list.
  • The issue on the “My Teams” page, where the information of the selected team is not updated correctly after being edited, has been fixed.
  • On the login page, all white-space characters in the access token entered in the input field will be automatically removed.