What’s Done and What’s Up as Q3 Leaves its Mark

Author by Playermon Team

30 September 2022 - 6:00 pm

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Another quarter had been up for the Playermon team and we would like our dearest community to know more about the bridges we have crossed during this time. We are proud to say that we are at the end of the third quarter for 2022 and it’s raining updates from your Playermon team.


In Q3 2022, the Private 1 vesting officially ended last September 22, 2022, while the Private 2 vesting ended last July 22, 2022. This marks the end of vesting and all investors in Private 1 and Private 2 rounds could go ahead to claim all your tokens at https://playermon.com/ClaimTokens

We heard from the community, you guys have been asking for PYM tokens to be available on the new blockchain. So, we have decided to move our tokens to another blockchain in the coming quarter. You got it right, it is Cross Chain time. We will want our tokens to reach other users that are not on Polygon, which means, we will be allowing our tokens to do a cross-over to another blockchain. Do suggest in the comments below, which blockchain you would like to see PYM tokens be on. After collecting the suggestions, we will conduct a DAO voting on it before arranging for the cross-chain to happen. The DAO voting should probably start in October so better keep those calendars marked. Remember to leave a comment below on which blockchain you prefer.


The PvE story mode, Anchorland is now on BETA with new additional skills to be brought to the battlefield. With that being said, there are many more tactics to be optimized when challenging bosses. Be sure to try the game with different Playermons to work out a strategy to conquer the enemies. We aim to provide varied and optimum gaming experiences here at Playermon, hence do expect the future release to have more skills that you could mix and match.

With the end of the Anchorland Alpha Test, we have allocated 292,500 PYM for the players of the Playermon Alpha Test. Good Job to the players that made it to the top. We will be looking forward to the new season winners of the game. We will make our game progress more frequent with smaller updates to ensure that the leaderboard could get refreshed more frequently to rewards the active players of the game.

Website and Marketplace

A new website revamp is heading our way. As the website revamp includes rebranding and including more information, we will require more time to complete it. We will be making it bigger and better for the community and offering a better user interface and user experience ( UI & UX ) so why not take a sneak peek thru https://v2.playermon.com/. It may not be complete yet but it is a work in progress and I’m sure the wait will be worth it. We will continue working on this in Q4 2022.

Many players are asking for Game Access QR Code that could last longer, meaning you don’t have to hit the website to generate a new QR Code so often. We hear you and we have implemented the changes in the new version.


We can’t stress how important it is to plan on the roadmap. Despite a lot of things being planned in the last 10 months since the beginning of the project, we have changed our direction to suit the community's voice from time to time. The roadmap will go through tweaks and updates so it is good to head over to have a look at what we have planned. We needed more time to complete some of the tasks that were planned earlier and we have done some priority changes. This includes focusing on making the game more attractive by getting more visual upgrades and game mechanics upgrades, these again often require more time. For example, the recent upgrade will include the ability of the playermon and the bosses to move the position of the playermon, breaking or making your stance. Nevertheless, our goals and objectives will still be the same. Making the game fun and challenging as well as the ability to farm for tokens and items that you could sell on the marketplace.

Looking Forward

There would be no Playermon today without the community that has been supporting us since the beginning so we do our best to hear you and give you the best gaming experience we could offer. There would be more from your Playermon team soon so you better stay tuned. Don’t forget to join the invasion of the universe. Playermon to the moon! Do comment below if you have other recommendations for us in making the Playermon Metaverse better.