Q3 2023: A Thriving Community and Exciting Developments

Author by Playermon Team

20 October 2023 - 10:30 am

The past few months have been a busy and exciting time for Playermon, with a number of new developments and events taking place.

Playermon has made significant progress, and the team is excited to continue building a thriving community and developing new features and experiences for players. Here are the recap of some of the highlights for this Quarter:

Epic Tutorials for Ultimate Gameplay!

Mastering SGEMs in Anchorland!

A big shoutout to our dedicated masters who joined us for a thrilling exploration into the world of SGEMs!

For those seeking to unlock the full potential of SGEMs in Anchorland, our step-by-step guide on depositing On Chain SGEM into the game was a game-changer! 🚀

Missed the action? Not to worry—revisit the tutorial here.

Learn how to stock up on SGEMs and leverage their benefits to claim your spot at the top of the leaderboard! 🏆

Earning SGEMs became a breeze with our simple 1-2-3 guide! 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

Dive into the tutorial on how to effortlessly earn SGEMs by visiting other Spacedens and discover the secrets to not just accumulating SGEMs but also using them in adventures, climbing ranks, and earning USDT!

Playermon Adventures and Instant Energy Boost

A round of applause for our dedicated players who joined us for an exhilarating dive into the world of Playermons and energy management in Anchorland!

For those eager to become the next Playermon Master, our step-by-step guide on obtaining Free Starter Playermons was the perfect adventure kick-off! 🚀 Missed the excitement? No worries—revisit the journey here. Grab your buddies, join Anchorland, and start on the adventure of a lifetime.

If you also miss our step-by-step guide on purchasing energy points using SGEMs which ensures your gameplay is always charged up, check out our tutorial here and discover how you can buy energy points anytime, eliminating those waiting moments.

A Symphony of Playermon Community Engagements and Promotions

Playermon Community Grows Stronger as Guilds Join the Invasion

It was an absolute blast connecting with fellow Playermon players and engaging with the vibrant Polygon network community. The news gets even better—guilds from Vietnam are gearing up to join the Playermon invasion! The wave is building, and we can't wait to see more masters joining us soon. 🌊✨

Playermon Takes the Spotlight at the Philippine Blockchain Week

Our team rocked the stage at the recent Web3 event in Manila, Philippines! Our very own Playermon's founder Ji Sheng took the stage at the launch of Playermon 2: Planet Invasion to share his vision for the game and its potential to change the gaming industry.

Playermon also had a booth at the event, where attendees could learn more about the Planet Invasion and play a mini-game for exciting rewards. The booth was a big hit, and many people signed up for the waitlist for the Planet Invasion.

The first invasion of Playermon was also a huge success, with tons of players participating and having a blast. The invasion took place at Seaside MOA, and it was a great chance for players to get together and experience the game firsthand.

Telegram Chat Contest Triumph

A thunderous applause to all our Telegram chat contest winners! 🎉 Your enthusiastic engagement and spirited noise for Playermon made the event a resounding success. 🗣️🌟

Gensokishi's Cross-Marketing AMA

As the Playermon adventure continues, we look forward to more moments of triumph, engagement, and shared knowledge. Gensokishi's AMA was nothing short of a cosmic journey! 🚀 The insightful questions, the shared knowledge, and the spirit of cross-marketing illuminated our community. A big thank you to everyone who participated, making it an enriching experience. 🤝🌐


Discord Meme Contest Extravaganza

A massive shoutout to our funniest and most creative community members who participated in the DISCORD MEME CONTEST! 🌟 From hilarious antics to clever wit, you all brought your A-game.

Hungry Ghosts Festival Celebration:

In unity with our Chinese community, Playermon embraced the spirit of the Hungry Ghosts Festival! 👻🎉 It was a heartwarming occasion as we honored our departed loved ones and celebrated their lives. 🥰👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Your participation and respect for the spirits made this celebration truly special.

Unleashing Playermon's Latest and Greatest Updates

The Invasion Continues

Buckle up, champions, because the Playermon invasion doesn't stop here—it's just the beginning of our upgrades!

In the spirit of collaboration and community, we initiated a DAO Voting to hear your valued feedback and suggestions. 📥🧐 Your voices matter, and this voting aimed to understand how we can encourage more user involvement and foster healthy competition through significant change in the length of our happy hour! We appreciate your engagement and enthusiasm in making Playermon an even more dynamic universe!


To our most loyal players, we extend a heartfelt salute! Your involvement and passion for a superior Playermon experience are the driving forces behind these upgrades. We are immensely grateful for your dedication to making Playermon an epic adventure.

Starter Playermon and Anchorland Map Expansion

We're thrilled to see you all diving into the latest updates and exploring the newfound excitement in Playermon Game Version 2.9.0!

Share the joy with your friends and family—invite them to join the game and dive into the Playermon adventure by completing all rewardable tasks, claiming up to five additional Starter Playermons! Also, the Anchorland map just got richer with the addition of five brand-new levels!

Explore the expanded map, conquer challenges, and let the thrill unfold in every corner of Anchorland!

Wisdom Unleashed

Our community came together to share a plethora of game tips, from mastering battles to unlocking new techniques and strategies. The collective knowledge and experience were truly inspiring, creating a pool of insights that will undoubtedly elevate everyone's gameplay. 🌟

The camaraderie displayed during the sharing of these game tips was nothing short of heartwarming. Our community's commitment to helping each other succeed and thrive in Anchorland is what makes our Playermon family truly special. 🤝

But fret not, champions—this is just the beginning! As we continue to learn, grow, and conquer new challenges, expect more events like these where the collective knowledge of our Playermon community takes center stage. 🌐

Crafting Playermon Magic in Fan Art Celebrations

What a joyous time it has been as we celebrated not just one but two remarkable occasions this quarter—World Peace Day and International Friendship Day! 🌍✌️💑

Our community came together with a shared aspiration—let there be peace in the world. 🌏✌️ The collective prayers for peace and prosperity echoed across our Playermon universe, emphasizing the importance of spreading love over violence. 💞 Your commitment to these ideals created a tapestry of hope and positivity that extends far beyond the gaming realm.

In a delightful turn of celebration, we also marked International Friendship Day with an outpouring of love for our dear friends. 💑😍 You tapped those friends, tagged your favorite BFFs, and showed them just how much you care. 🥰👋 The bonds of friendship were celebrated, and the spirit of camaraderie among our Playermon family shone brightly.

A special shout out from your friendly team at Playermon! 😘 Your participation and enthusiasm added a special touch to these celebrations, creating an atmosphere of warmth, unity, and love. Thank you for being the heart and soul of our thriving community.

As we carry the spirit of love and friendship forward, let's continue to spread positivity, build connections, and make the Playermon universe a haven of joy.

Cheers to love, peace, and everlasting friendships!


Our journey through the realms of Playermon has been nothing short of extraordinary. From mastering the game with "Epic Tutorials for Ultimate Gameplay" to immersing ourselves in the vibrant "Symphony of Playermon Community Engagements and Promotions," we've witnessed the evolution of our gaming universe.

As we navigated the ever-expanding dimensions, "Unleashing Playermon's Latest and Greatest Updates" brought us to the forefront of innovation and excitement. The thrill of exploring new features and conquering fresh challenges ignited the spark of adventure.

Yet, it was in the artful realm of creativity that we found the heart and soul of our Playermon community. With "Crafting Playermon Magic in Fan Art Celebrations," we witnessed the convergence of talent, passion, and occasions, creating a tapestry of celebration and creativity.

As we continue to explore, engage, and celebrate in the Playermon universe, let these pillars—tutorials, community symphonies, cutting-edge updates, and artistic celebrations—be the foundation of our ongoing saga. Here's to the next chapter, where every moment is an opportunity for epic gameplay, community harmony, continuous innovation, and the enchantment of artistic expression. The adventure continues, and the best is yet to come in the vast expanse of Playermon!

Cheers to the journey ahead!