Playermon Items NFTs Are Now Available for Trading in the Radix Marketplace

Author by Playermon Team

8 December 2023 - 4:00 pm

We are thrilled to announce that Playermon Items NFTs are now available for trading in the Radix Marketplace! This is a major milestone for Playermon and will allow players to buy and sell these valuable in-game items.

This momentous occasion not only empowers players to buy and sell these valuable assets but also highlights the transformative power of ERC-1155 NFTs, a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the world of digital ownership.

At the core of this transformation lies the adoption of ERC-1155 NFTs, a revolutionary standard that enables the creation of both fungible and non-fungible tokens within a single contract. This groundbreaking technology imbues Playermon Items NFTs with unparalleled versatility, allowing them to exist in both divisible and indivisible forms.

As a result, breeding pods, an integral component of Playermon gameplay, can now be seamlessly listed and traded on the Radix Marketplace. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for players to strategize their breeding endeavors, acquire coveted breeding pods, and enhance their overall gaming experience.

What are Playermon Items NFTs?

Playermon Items NFTs are digital assets that represent in-game items. These items can be used to enhance earnings of SGEM, Playermon's in-game currency, and decorate their SpaceDen.

How can I trade Playermon Items NFTs?

You can follow this link, Radix Marketplace to help you trade Playermon Items NFTs on the Radix Marketplace. The Radix Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace that allows players to trade items securely and easily.

What are the benefits of trading Playermon Items NFTs?

There are many benefits to trading Playermon Items NFTs. These benefits include:

  • Earning SGEM: Some Playermon Items NFTs can enhance SGEM earnings.
  • Decorating your SpaceDen: Playermon Items NFTs can be used to decorate your SpaceDen, making it more personalized and inviting.
  • Unlock surprise loots : The Christmas gift box will reveal exciting treasures, such as an iPhone and a Founder Card NFT, among other surprises
  • Breeding next generation of playermon the future, playermon breeding will incorporate the utilization of breeding pods.

We are excited to see how players use Playermon Items NFTs to enhance their gameplay experience. We believe that this will be a valuable addition to the Playermon ecosystem.

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