DAO Voting Changes For Happy Hour

Author by Playermon Team

5 September 2023 - 3:00 pm

We heard our most loyal Playermon fans, and we decided to make a significant change in the length of our happy hour! We value your feedback and suggestions, that is why we will be creating another DAO voting regarding the duration of our Happy Hour. Through this we want our masters to gain the best possible gaming experience at their most convenient time. We believe that it's essential to create opportunities for more players to enjoy Happy Hour to the fullest. In this light, we would like to propose two new options for Playermon Masters to vote on:

Option 1

Retain to 12 hours ( current one )

Option 2

Change to 6 hours duration

Option 3

Change to 8 hours duration

Join us for the DAO voting on the 15th of September UTC 12:00 PM until the 18th September UTC 12:00 PM. Let your voice be heard and vote now‼️ Let us make that bigger and better Playermon together.


We truly value your support and dedication to our game. Together, let's enjoy Happy Hour to its full extent! We welcome more suggestions and discussions on our social media channels so like and join us now.