Announcing Playermon 2: Planet Invasion – The Next Installment in the Playermon Game Series

Author by Playermon Team

29 October 2023 - 10:30 pm

Playermon 2: Planet Invasion – The Next Installment in the Playermon Game Series

Playermon is on the brink of a thrilling new era with the launch of Playermon II: Planet Invasion, an adventure that's set to take the gaming universe by storm. This exciting addition to our game will not only increase the demand and utility of PYM tokens and Playermon NFTs but also present an incredible opportunity for our Playermon masters to embark on epic adventures and earn their way into a one-of-a-kind planetary invasion.

In Playermon II: Planet Invasion, the second installment of the Playermon series, players will have the chance to explore planets, gather treasures, and use them to boost their earnings. To make the most of your planetary invasions and maximize your resource collection, it's crucial to assemble the right equipment and resources before embarking on your adventures.

Choose your alliances wisely, gather resources strategically, and prepare for the galactic conquest that awaits. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands as you vie for power among noble houses, construct formidable defenses, forge alliances, and influence the looming war.

Playermon II is set to launch soon, offering early-bird earning opportunities starting right now. Want to be among the first to access equipment and resources ahead of the Playermon II launch, and all for free? It's incredibly simple! Just sign up on the Playermon website and join our spin wheel event. Each spin grants you valuable equipment and resources for Playermon II, with new rewards available every week. Spin daily to stock up for the impending Planet Invasion. But that's not all – there's an exciting 1 ETH grand prize up for grabs in the spin wheel event, giving every player a chance to win. Increase your chances by spinning daily.

But wait, there's more! The Playermon team is taking our adventure to the real world, invading locations across the globe. Our mission is to meet and greet our incredible community and host exhilarating marketing events. As part of our invasion strategy, we'll be teaming up with local merchants for exciting win-win partnerships that offer exclusive rewards and experiences. If you're a local merchant interested in joining forces with us, don't hesitate to get in touch. Stay tuned for our upcoming Earth invasions – it's a global journey you won't want to miss.

So, why wait? Sign up now and spin as much as you can! Seize those prizes and become the king of planet invasion in the upcoming Playermon II adventure.

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