Enhancing Liquidity, Utility and Unleashing the Potential of PYM and SGEM Tokens

Author by Playermon Team

10 June 2023 - 2:00 am

Cryptocurrency ecosystems thrive on liquidity and utility, and the PYM and SGEM tokens are no exception. In this blog post, we will explore strategic changes aimed at increasing liquidity in the PYM token while enhancing utility through innovative developments for SGEM token holders. By implementing these modifications, we aim to foster a more dynamic and engaging ecosystem for our users. Let's delve into the key changes we have implemented.

Reducing SGEM Token Liquidity and Burning

To bolster scarcity and increase the value proposition of SGEM tokens, we have decided to reduce liquidity by implementing a controlled burn mechanism. By systematically burning a portion of SGEM tokens, we create a scarcity effect, driving up demand and enhancing the token's value. This reduction in liquidity will contribute to the overall stability and long-term growth of the SGEM token ecosystem.

Shifting USDT from SGEM-USDT Liquidity to PYM Liquidity Pool

To boost liquidity in the PYM token, we will reallocate a portion of the USDT funds currently allocated to the SGEM-USDT liquidity pool. By moving these funds to the PYM liquidity pool, we can bolster PYM's trading volume and liquidity. This change will provide increased market depth, attracting more traders and investors to the PYM ecosystem, ultimately enhancing its overall market dynamics.

Expanding Utility by Introducing Craftable Items and Enhanced SGEM Token Use Cases

To offer SGEM token holders more avenues for engagement and utilization, we are introducing a new series of craftable items within our ecosystem. These items will provide tangible utility and value to SGEM token holders, enabling them to actively participate in the ecosystem beyond traditional buying and selling. By providing alternative uses for SGEM tokens, we aim to foster a stronger sense of community and interaction, driving engagement and long-term retention.

Adoption of ERC-1155 Standard for Breeding Pod

In a bid to streamline and improve the user experience, we will be transitioning the Breeding Pod feature to utilize the ERC-1155 token standard instead of ERC-721. The ERC-1155 standard allows for the management of multiple token types within a single contract, enabling greater efficiency and flexibility. This change will enhance the functionality and scalability of the Breeding Pod, allowing users to seamlessly interact with and breed a diverse range of digital assets.

By implementing these strategic changes, we aim to increase liquidity in the PYM token while simultaneously enhancing utility and engagement for SGEM token holders. Through controlled burning, reallocation of USDT liquidity, the introduction of craftable items, and the adoption of the ERC-1155 standard for the Breeding Pod, we strive to create a more dynamic and prosperous ecosystem for our users. These developments will attract more participants, encourage long-term retention, and unlock the full potential of both the PYM and SGEM tokens. Stay tuned for an exciting future ahead!