Author by Leong Kee Lim

30 September 2022 - 6:00 pm

alt text

  • Added the movement skills that allow Playermons and enemies to change the position of self, teammate or enemy from one position to another position on the battlefield.
  • The Playermon’s rarity level will now have a bonus shield. More bonus shields will be given for a higher rarity level.
  • Player will earn 1 extra action point in the next round if he/she does not use any skill card in the current round of battle.
  • Tired of doing calculations? Now here's the system that helps you automatically calculate the accumulated shield and attack damage of each Playermon from skill cards in the planning phase.
  • Pop-up wordings for the Playermon’s attacks in battle were added:
    • Critical – critical hit
    • Strong – more effective attack
    • Weak – less effective attack
  • Now you can see the SpaceDen owner’s total number of followers who added him/her into their lists of favorites.
  • For the mobile version, there is a SpaceDen Screenshot Sharing button to be able to share your own or other players’ Spaceden.
  • A toggle button is added to the Spaceden screen to be able to hide or show the left and bottom UI elements in the SpaceDen game scene.
  • The Playermon image quality has been improved to a higher definition.
  • Interface issues on widescreen resolutions were resolved.