Author by Leong Kee Lim

30 March 2022 - 6:00 pm

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  • Details of your Playermons can be viewed in your account:
    • Class
    • Body parts
    • Stats
    • Skills
    • And other information
  • Playermon teams can now be created. Players can select one team that they will use in the SpaceDen game and PVE battles.
  • Adventure Mode (PVE Game) is now unlocked! You can use your Playermons to fight the enemies in the Anchorland map with 10 different levels.
  • Sound effects in the game have been updated for a better gaming experience.
  • Scene transition animation has been improved for better user experience.
  • Error handling systems for the SpaceDen Happy Hour and Treasure Hunt were also updated and improved.
  • Bug fixes.