Author by Leong Kee Lim

21 November 2022 - 6:00 pm

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  • Do you need to log in again and again? Worry no more because an auto-login feature has already been added. This feature will remember you from your last play and automatically log you in to the game until you log out.
  • Main Menu V2 is now here! This upgraded User Interface offers an optimum user experience. Viewing the details of Playermons in the Main menu and SpaceDen is now made easy by just clicking or tapping on them.
  • Want to know what Playermons are being used by our top players right now? We got you! Players can now follow and visit other players' SpaceDen on the PVE leaderboard. And not just that! They could also see the Playermon’s details in each user's SpaceDen.
  • Want to know who has the most followers in their SpaceDen? Check out the SpaceDen Hall of Fame. Now you can find out who are the top famous players in the SpaceDen.
  • The Intelligence Stat is now more functional! During PVE battles, if the Playermon's intelligence is higher than its attack target, then it will be more familiar when attacking the same target. Therefore, this allows the Playermon to inflict more damage to the same target.
  • The overall game performance for the Android version has been improved! Players can now enjoy a better and smoother gaming experience on their Android devices. A follow toggle button is added for the user's convenience in the SpaceDen. This button allows you to follow or unfollow a user's Spaceden whenever you visit it.