Q2 2023: Focusing on Growth and Community Engagement

Author by Playermon Team

10 July 2023 - 5:30 pm

A lot of bridges had been crossed as this quarter had passed. Playermon community had been through vigorous months busy with events, updates and many more that kept the invasion fire burning. This was a month of breakthroughs and new exploits for the Win-to-Earn game, Playermon.

In the months of April to June 2023, our primary focus has been on fostering the growth of our game and community. To achieve this, we implemented several important changes.


Changes to Free In-game Playermon: Enhancing Community Growth

We introduced a feature that allows players to claim free in-game Playermons by completing 3 simple tasks. However, we received feedback that some players found it challenging to complete these tasks. Many players struggled with unsuitable teams that make clearing the levels difficult, leading them to give up quickly. In response, we made adjustments and decided to provide all 3 In-game Playermon for Task 1 (verifying email) and an additional two Playermons for Tasks 2 and 3, bringing the total to five Playermons. This modification enabled new players to immediately try out the game and experiment with different team combinations.

Introducing the Energy System: Enhancing Game Difficulty and Strategic Choices

In order to make the game more challenging and prevent players from repeatedly restarting until they obtained favourable starting cards, we introduced an energy system. This change limited the number of restarts players could make and encouraged them to carefully strategize their moves. Additionally, the energy system allowed players to burn SGEM tokens in game if they wished to restart the game when they were nearing the end of the leaderboard season, adding a new layer of strategic decision-making.

Increasing Utility and Trade of SGEM and Playermon Breeding Pod Shard

To enhance the overall gameplay experience, we increased the utility of SGEM and Playermon Breeding Pod Shard (PBPS). Players can now craft PYM tokens using SGEM, craft PYM tokens using both SGEM and PBPS, and even craft Genesis Egg by utilizing SGEM tokens. These additions not only increased the liquidity of Playermon (PYM) in the market but also facilitated more trading opportunities for players.

Increasing Utility and Trade of SGEM and Playermon Breeding Pod Shard

Based on valuable player feedback, we realized that many players were unable to place purchased furniture in their spacedens due to insufficient love rank. To address this issue, we removed the requirement, allowing players to decorate their spacedens without first needing to upgrade their love rank. This change enabled players to earn more SGEM with furniture and enjoy the benefits of customization without any prior restrictions.

Balancing Skill Cards: Ensuring Fair Gameplay

To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we made adjustments to 23 skill cards. By preventing overpowered skill cards, we aimed to create a more engaging and strategic environment for all players. The changes can be found on the patch note for version 2.8.0. The full description of all skill cards can be found on the Radix Marketplace when making a purchase decision. Visit the Radix Marketplace through the link https://playermon.com/marketplace

New Levels and Leaderboard Challenges

In our commitment to providing exciting challenges, we introduced 5 new levels to make the leaderboard more competitive. These levels come with updated enemies, offering fresh and thrilling gameplay experiences for our dedicated players.


Events and OpenSea Trading Competition

In our efforts to expand our community and promote Playermon, we organized a Twitter event. Participants were required to change their profile pictures for two weeks and had a chance to win 1000 Karma Points instantly. Ten lucky winners were selected through a corresponding Google form, and their names were announced at the end of the month. This event successfully increased community engagement and rewarded active participants.

To boost our presence in the OpenSea Marketplace, we hosted a trading competition where 100,000 PYM was awarded to winners. This competition resulted in a significant increase in trading volume for Playermon NFTs on OpenSea.

Win-to-Earn PvE Leaderboard: Rewarding Skill and Achievement

To recognize the skill and achievements of players, winners of the Win-to-Earn PvE leaderboard received PYM as a reward. This incentivized competitive play and further motivated players to excel in the game. Moving on, we expect a more frequent and consistent end of season.

Participation in the Philippine CONQuest 2023

To introduce Playermon to a wider audience and foster collaborations among participants, Playermon’s Social Media Manager joined CONQuest 2023 in the Philippines last June. This event paved the way for collaborations with Coin98 in a surprise for our Playermon community. Several shout outs from famous personas were also made, such as John Weak of the Philippines, Aryana, krayzekeTV (cosplayers) and ChooxTV (popular game creator and legendary Mobile legend player in the Philippines) making Playermon the latest news to talk about.


Q2 2023 was filled with holidays and fanart celebrations, showcasing our commitment to engaging with our community. We shared greetings for Labor Day, Europe's Day, Mother's Day, Earth Day, Eid al-Fitr with our Muslim brothers and sisters and to honor their culture, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter, celebrating these occasions with our beloved community. Furthermore, we published unique fan art pieces that highlighted Filipino culture and showed Filipino pride through the famous tricycle, Mother's day, Easter traditions, and exciting Playermon adventures.

These fanart pieces not only displayed the talent of our community members but also brought the spirit of celebration into the Playermon world.


In conclusion, Q2 2023 was a month of growth, community engagement, and exciting updates for our game. Through various improvements, promotions, and events, we aimed to provide an enhanced gaming experience, foster community growth, and reward our dedicated players. We look forward to further expanding our community and delivering more thrilling content in the coming months.