Rewards for Anchorland S2 Winners

Author by Tan Ji Sheng

31 January 2023 - 10:30 pm

Rewards for Anchorland S2 Winners

Congratulations to all winners!!

We want to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who participated in our latest Anchorland season that will be ending on 1 February 2023. We were blown away by the level of enthusiasm and skill displayed by our players, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the success of the event.

As a reward for staying at the top of leaderboard, we will be distributing the reward as below:

Rank 150,000 PYM + 1 Christmas Gift Box
Rank 235,000 PYM + 1 Christmas Gift Box
Rank 315,000 PYM + 1 Christmas Gift Box
Rank 4 to 107, 500 PYM each
Rank 11 to 205,000 PYM each
Rank 21 to 503, 000 PYM each

To all our Playermon masters in our Anchorland PvE Leaderboard, we would like to remind you that any attempt to exploit the decentralize system by transferring NFTs to another wallet to manipulate the game leaderboard will result in disqualification. It is crucial to keep the system's integrity intact and provide a level playing field for everyone.

We strongly suggest that the ranking winners must have at least 3 NFTs in same wallets address throughout the competition to ensure fairness for all players.

We take these rules seriously and will be vigilant in monitoring the system for any suspicious behavior. Any participant found to be exploiting the system will face immediate disqualification.

Here at Playermon we value the integrity and loyalty of our community! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Let's continue to have fun and make our Playermon a fair and fun experience for everyone.

We have also updated the skill cards to enhance your gameplay experience, so make sure to check them out and create a better strategy for your future battles. Once again, congratulations to our top 50 winners and good luck for the upcoming seasons!

Update: Rewards have been sent out at